Detoxification does not hurt your body

Detoxification does not hurt your body

With the development of the times, the beauty of fashionable women is no longer just superficial, they pay more attention to the internal conditioning, detoxification, and become the new pursuit of women today!

Regardless of physical conditioning, environmental protection in the body, or treatment of diseases, people should always focus on recognizing their physique. People with weak constitutions should supplement the body’s yin and yang qi and blood; and those with severe qi should start with removing qi.I also want to tell some women who think they need detoxification. Do you really need detoxification?

  Is your detox right?

在中医理论中,病气过重则为毒,所以排毒是适用于病气严重的实证体质,但‘毒’又可分为火热毒、寒湿毒、干燥毒、郁闷毒、血瘀毒及Food poisons, etc., so in order to detox properly, you must first understand the nature of body poisons.

  For example, the hot and cold poison should be relieved with cold and cold medicine, and the cold and damp poison should be eliminated with warm medicine, so don’t blindly detoxify with others, because you have seen patients with excessive constitution, use brown sugar ginger soup to detox during menstruation.As a result, thirst and irritability, fast heartbeat, and menstrual blood cannot be replaced. Too many women have purchased reverse laxative cellulite tea to reduce weight. As a result, they have caused dysfunction and menstrual disorders.Sickness in the body, proper recovery of proper medicated diet and food can achieve the goal of detoxification without harming the body.

  [Reduction of mung bean soup]Ingredients: a cup of mung bean, half a catty of fresh yam, a can of coconut milk, a bowl of soft glutinous rice, and a moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Cut yam into diced pieces for later use. After washing the mung beans, soak them in water for about an hour, put them into the pot and cook them. When the mung beans are peeled and the soup is still fresh, turn off, add the remaining ingredients, and roll for about5 minutes, turn off for 15 minutes, add rock sugar and serve.

  【Dehumidifying Pork Ribs Soup】 Materials: half a catty of pork ribs, 5 yuan of yam, 5 yuan of lotus seeds, 3 yuan of white poria, 3 yuan of cilantro, 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut, 1 tablespoon of rice wine, ginger slices and shallots

  Method: Wash the ribs, wash the blood with boiling water, add all the materials into the pot, add about 2000㏄ water, boil over high heat, remove the floating foam and change to low heat, cook for about 1 hour, that is,Edible.
  [Cool pudding]Materials: Yuzhu 1 or 2 yuan, 3 yuan longan, 100 g jelly powder, 500 g milk, 4 egg yolks, moderate fructose.

  Practice: 1.

Break up the egg yolks, add to the milk and cook until lukewarm.


Add 1000㏄ water to Yuzhu, boil over high heat and simmer for 45 minutes. When the soup is about 500㏄, remove the medicine bag, add jelly powder, and add lukewarm milk, longan and fructose after boiling.After mixing well, turn off the heat, add it to the refrigerator a little cooler, and wait for the pudding to serve.

  [Jieyu Medicated Bath Package]Materials: Bupleurum 3 money, Bai Zhi 5 money, Salvia 3 money, Atractylodes 5 money, Angelica 5 money, Licorice 2 money, Artemisia leaf 3 money, 2 fresh roses and 2 lilies.

  Method: Grind the above materials into coarse powder, add 3000㏄ water for 5 minutes, boil on high heat, and cook on low heat for 5 minutes.

(2 servings)[窈窕 食 食 茶]Ingredients (for 2 servings): Pueraria three money, malt one or two, half a tablespoon of osmanthus, two leaves of lotus leaf, three bucks of rice dumplings, two buckshit of salvia, two tablespoons of lemon grass, moderate tea.
  How to do it: Divide the material into two, plus 250 CC for each.

Breathe in hot water and simmer for about five minutes. Filter and season.

  Efficacy: promote digestion, eliminate fats, and promote metabolism.

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