Materials mental preparation before a job interview

Materials mental preparation before a job interview

First, receiving notification from the interview began interviewing job seekers is a key position careers, and do anything else, failure is always more simple than success, easy.

I would like to draw attention seekers, so as to avoid accidentally leaving careers fall short.

As the saying goes: do not fight the battle ready, a 30-minute interview, do 30 hours to 300 hours of preparation can not be overemphasized.

  Now more and more companies recognize the check character when hiring employees.

Therefore, in the interview, the examiner will pay attention to the words and deeds of job seekers behavior.

Those good manners often able to get the favor of the examiner.

In fact, from time to inform you that interview, you answer the phone is the beginning of the exam.

  When you resend your resume, all you look forward to is receiving a call informing you to go for an interview.

So be prepared to call each other at any time. Have some paper, a notebook, a pen and a well-ranked resume next to the phone.

  When I received the call, I asked, “Hello!

“When the other party informs you of the interview, don’t get too excited and yell, why be peaceful:” Thank you!

“Let’s listen carefully to the time, place, method, and requirements of the interview.

Then ask the relevant questions you want to know, and write down exactly the name, phone number, and address of the person who called you.

Thanks again and say “Goodbye!”

“Second, the preparation of materials before the interview People often say: Do not fight unprepared.

Everything is done in advance, or it is abandoned if it is not foreseen. With full preparations, you can be invincible and attack!

Therefore, before you go to the interview, you must not be sloppy in preparing for the job: When you send a cover letter, you should record the advertising clips of each company’s job seekers, and check them when you receive the interview notice from the company to avoid Zhang Guanli Dai.

  After receiving the interview notice, you should find out exactly where to get on and off and change cars.

Allow plenty of time to implant or switch vehicles, including some unexpected situations should be considered internal to avoid late interviews.

  Before the interview, you should organize the documents you plan to take for the interview and bring the necessary supplies.

This is the most overlooked omission in interview etiquette; the job search record should be kept with you at all times, the latest information on the brake record or available for inquiry at any time.

  The document package must be neatly organized. The small behavior during the interview can best explain a person’s true situation. The so-called “see the truth in the slightest place”.

Because the job seeker’s organization can be ground from it, a person who has his own bag messed up is very difficult to be organized at work.

  Third, the psychological preparation before the interview. At present, the competition for finding a job in the workplace is very fierce. Candidates are thinking hard and trying various ways to apply for a job. However, they are often very blind. One of the important reasons is the confusion of the workplace and insufficient understanding of themselves.Without proper preparations, the process of graduate selection is a complex process of psychological change.

Interviewees are competing for careers, and the key to success is their talents and on-the-spot performance.

In the face of severe employment prospects, and in the face of numerous competitions, in order to achieve success in job selection, there is no adequate psychological preparation and good competition.

To make psychological preparations before choosing a career and eliminate psychological interference, you should focus on overcoming the following psychological obstacles: 1.

Blind self-confidence and high appetite2.

Inferiority and fear, lack of confidence3.

Sustained success and failure.

Relying on psychology, people are still in the cloud. Research before the interview is prepared to “know oneself and know the other, and never be overwhelmed.” Job hunting is always a battle. Today’s job hunting is the skills and abilities that everyone needs to learn, and employment and job hunting are definitely not someAs simple as imagined.

The reason why some people are smooth sailing and invincible, while others are repeatedly defeated and run into obstacles everywhere, apart from their respective knowledge, skills, and quality, the most fundamental difference lies in the ability of “confidants”.

  The so-called “know-how and self-knowledge” ability in job search actually refers to the ability to understand oneself. After choosing oneself, let others know and choose oneself correctly. In other words, it is only for the company to understand oneself., Choose yourself.

To achieve “know oneself, know one another, and fight forever”, study the following three questions before the interview: 1.
The most important thing to study for your own interview is to prepare yourself: Generally, the interview is divided into three bonuses: self-introduction, answering questions and applicants’ doubts.

First introduce yourself and do a good job. Second, you need to know the position you are applying for. After you understand the position, you should ask yourself: 1) Is the job position suitable for you suitable?

  2) How should you position your career?

  3) Are you interested in this position?
  4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of your participation in competition?
  2.Research interviewer interview is the direct contact between the applicant and the interviewer. In the scene of answering many people, they will experience tension, panic, and poor performance on the spot. After meeting the interviewer, the heartbeat speeds up, helpless, IQ, eloquenceImage, manners are greatly reduced.

In fact, this is not necessary. You should study the interviewer well. During the interview, you can calm down, treat normally, eliminate tension, and respond smoothly.

  There are six types of interviewers: modest, sophisticated, but I have exclusive, lecturer, rigid, and delayed types. The types of questions asked are different, the tone is different, all belong to multiple, wide-angle, diversity, meaningDeep question.

However, although the problems are diverse and ever-changing, all changes are inseparable. All the questions raised have a clear and clear purpose. The purpose is to examine and assess the attitude and ability of job seekers to the job.

What is the educational background of the candidate?

What specific work experience?

Do you have the relevant competencies?

Is there a high level of professionalism?

Do you have relevant professional skills and experience?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of candidates?

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

What are achievements and failures?

What is your personal development plan?

Is there development potential and success?

and many more.

The problem types are direct, selective, free, causal, test, challenge, and inductive.

  The interview process has passed five levels, and the candidate’s answer will become an important basis for the interviewer to consider whether to accept him.

For candidates, understand the true nature of the interviewer.

If you can communicate with the examiner over the phone before your interview, it is better: 1) Let the examiner have a good first impression of you 2) What is the overall assessment content of the examiner?

  3) What questions does the examiner know?

  4) Different response methods of various types of examiners.

  3.Research the relevant information of the enterprise. The company interviews the applicants again and again, in order to pass the applicants’ increasingly difficult response in advance to consider their true level.

However, the minimum interviewer cannot be prepared to be “tested” like a candidate.

In this case, the applicant unexpectedly uses one or two tricks of “advance, attack, retreat and defend” tricks, which may be achieved through the “last come first come” effect. You must ensure that you are good at the company and position you are applying for.Have considerable understanding.

Therefore, before applying for a job, you must first understand the company’s situation: the location, size, structure, background, business model, current development status, and future development plan of the head office.The information is also based on the intelligence obtained from the company’s peers.

Including performance of the performance, scale activities, as well as pre-scheduled business expansion and so on, if we get a better evaluation of the developers!

In fact, this information is best when you cast your resume should be aware of.

  In addition, the corporate culture is what the candidates?

Corporate culture is extremely important for personal development.

A smart job seekers, it is easy to filter out some information about the corporate culture in the interview process to determine the business environment is fair, you can also determine whether there is a limiting factor if the company enters the post, rising channel.

In the interview, know your company at the same time, you can also learn more about the company’s situation, when wages and expenses locations, including paste that word of the company, but also alert.

Avoid the rush to find a job and deceived, in particular, should not be given any fees paid recruiters, companies do not blindly enter a joy to observe, think, cautious, clever, do not put the wrong company, employment dislocation will lead to a domino effect.

  Fifth, before the interview questions to prepare business Why interview?

This is the business of the applicant to understand the body as well as in the social attitude of some essential knowledge of the best way, if the answer any of them, is not qualified to be the salt of the earth elements, if you want to have an immediate answer skill, so usually it shouldmore attention to media reports, especially with regard to developing countries wishing to enter the news!

In written tests, interviews and site visits and other recruitment methods, the interview is an important means reflect the candidate’s capabilities.

Here are some classic common interview questions, although the question is asked every company is changing, but the original aim, the so-called “use of the wonderful, Bottom of Heart”, mastered the skill conventional methods, of course, interviewthe instant success.
  During the interview the employer, the biggest difficulty is how to answer the questions of the interviewer.

In fact, if you can properly prepare, with calm spot and give full play to the performance for different types of problems, to respond in different ways, flexible, it can help you easily cross the border, to fight job success.

  Some famous enterprises in particular 500 interviews, often with questions and answers in English, when the interviewer asks questions to you in English, if you can speak fluent English, it must be for your interview Tim points.
All interviewers will look at you.
  6. The appearance and etiquette of the white-collar workers before the interview often represent the company’s image. Interviewers should pay attention to their appearance and appearance during the interview.

Be generous, decent, and consistent with the identity of the civilian staff, leaving a good impression on the recruiter generous, capable, is a bonus point for job seekers.

The key to choosing clothing is to look at job requirements. Candidates from banks, government departments, secretaries, and traditional dressing are biased. For public relations and fashion magazines, you can appropriately add some popular elements to the clothing to show your ability to capture fashion information.
The most important thing for instrument decoration is to be clean and tidy. Don’t advertise your personality too much. In addition to industries such as entertainment, film and television advertising, it is best not to choose too abruptly.

For fresh graduates, some studentish outfits are allowed. Even if they are interviewing famous companies, they can wear casual suits.

Compared with horizontal suits, it has a higher degree of freedom in matching fabrics, shoes, and colors.

  What you wear and what you wear can reflect the degree of understanding of the job applicant.

Participate in the interview, although don’t pay particular attention to the dress, be too fancy, the suits, shirts, pants, leather shoes, socks you wear during the interview should not give people a new and shiny feeling, but also pay attention to cleanliness and generosity., Can not be modified too much.

Whether it’s men’s or women’s clothing, pay attention to the material.

Good fabrics can make the overall tailored clothing fit better and complement each other.

Dressing in line with their own image will give people the impression of cleanliness and professionalism. Boys should be capable and generous, and girls should be solemn and elegant.