[Desktop Sausage Rice]_Sausage Rice_How to Make_How to Make

[Desktop Sausage Rice]_Sausage Rice_How to Make_How to Make

The most popular sausage is table-type sausage. The taste and taste of table-type sausages will be sweeter, without spicy taste. The processed products in it are more easily accepted, and they are very popular.I also like it.

The method of making tabletop sausages is very simple. Fresh or frozen pork is needed, and they can be made into tabletop sausages evenly.

Ingredients Fresh pork, tabletop sausage ingredients. Step 1: Choose fresh or frozen pork with a trace content of about 20-30%, and mince the raw meat (grinder hole plate diameter 4mm) for use.

Families without meat grinders can also purchase commercially available pork fillings.

Step 2: Marinate: Add 6 grams of tabletop sausage ingredients and 36 grams of ice water to every 100 grams of raw meat.

Mix the ingredients with ice water and dissolve them first, then mix with the raw meat.

If you want to make an authentic tabletop sausage flavor, you can add the right amount of sorghum wine or rice wine and the right amount of natural pigment red yeast rice to make the sausage color more attractive.

Step 3: It is recommended to use a sheep casing with a diameter of 22-24mm for irrigation. During the irrigation, a funnel is used to directly cover the casing with artificial irrigation. There is an enema machine at home that can be used to enema.

The mouth of the casing is knotted, and the enema should be tight and loose. The length of the casing is recommended to be 10-12cm. The length of the casing should be ligated with a thin rope.Exclusion of air.

Step 4: The prepared sausages can be stored in the refrigerator for freezer storage, and can be taken as soon as they are eaten, or they can be directly cooked and eaten after frying.

Step 5: When cooking, make the center temperature of the sausage reach 72 ° C. It is recommended that the cooking time be about 15 minutes, which can be adjusted according to the size of the enema to be flexible.

Frying: Put a small amount of cooking oil in the pot, and fry for 5-6 minutes on medium heat until the surface is yellowed and the center is cooked through.

It can also be steamed and then fried.

Step 6: If the enema condition is not available, the minced meat mixed with the ingredients can be made into a cake with a diameter of about 8cm and a thickness of about 8-10mm.

Fry directly.

Tips to mince pork in a frozen state (-4 ° C)