[Is wolfberry aphrodisiac effective?]_ Benefits_Efficacy

[Is wolfberry aphrodisiac effective?]_ Benefits_Efficacy

Many people especially like wolfberry, and the taste of wolfberry sparkling water is very good. In fact, the effect of impotence of wolfberry is especially good, but most people use wolfberry to supplement blood, and the taste of wolfberry is sweet.Yes, in fact, wolfberry is also divided into two types: black wolfberry and red wolfberry. However, when you drink, add more water, or you will get angry, so the effect of wolfberry aphrodisiac is obvious?

With auxiliary aphrodisiac effect.

Precautions for the consumption of wolfberry 1: There are many benefits of wolfberry soaking in water, but there are also certain precautions. Improper use will bring adverse effects on our health.

First of all, although medlar is good, it does not mean that everyone is suitable.

The effect of medlar warming the body is very obvious, so people who are catching a cold, fever, burns or diarrhea need to choose carefully.

2: People with high blood pressure and excessively irritable temperament are not suitable for people who eat a large amount of meat daily and cause the face to turn red.

Although Chinese wolfberry has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidneys, it is not necessary for people with liver and kidney deficiency.

Lycium barbarum is also a kind of Chinese medicine. Drugs for treating diseases are resistant to its prejudices, that is, medicinal properties. The medicine for tonifying yin is designed for deficiency syndrome. Therefore, people who do not have deficiency syndrome should not take it.

Some people in life consume too much wolfberry to cause redness, swelling, pain, discomfort, and blurred vision. The cause of this symptom is improper use.

When it comes to aphrodisiac food, everyone can say a lot, such as animal liver, whip, yam, longan, wolfberry, etc., and wolfberry is often loved by people, and people gradually understand that vitamin C in wolfberryIt is higher than oranges, β-carotene is higher than carrots, and iron is higher than steaks.

Therefore, wolfberry is often used by people to eliminate fatigue.

More attractive is that the alkaline aphrodisiac function of wolfberry is surprising, so more and more people use it as a good thing for aphrodisiac.

Is this all right?

Is everyone suitable for aphrodisiac with wolfberry?

Chinese medicine believes that medlar has a sweet taste, can nourish liver and kidney, improve eyesight and nourish blood.

Modern medicine has also proven that wolfberry can reduce plasma, excitatory brain nerves, enhance immune function, anti-aging and beauty, etc., and has very beneficial effects on human health itself.

And wolfberry as a tonic for food and medicine, there are many ways to eat, tea should be brewed in summer, but in the afternoon is better to drink, not with green tea.

It is advisable to cook porridge in winter, and can also be used for stew or stir-fry.

For women, eating wolfberry often can also play a role in whitening and beauty.

But to be said, wolfberry is not suitable for all people. Because it warms the body very effectively, it is suffering from a cold, fever, healing of the body, patients with diarrhea, and patients with hypertension.

First of all, healthy adults eat about 20 grams of wolfberry per day; if you want to try the effect of treatment, it is best to eat about 30 grams per day